Spain, Rwanda, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Norway, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, India, Italy, Poland and France: Hailing from all four corners of the world, these twelve publishing houses are brimming with cultural diversity tailor-made to awaken the senses.

Be it of an artistic, graphic or literary nature, with a focus on childhood or via a spectrum of languages, diversity is omnipresent. The bridges enabling people and places to connect are countless; for children and their loved ones, a whimsical window like none other giving rise to a plethora of possibilities, the unique chance wherein to forge relationships with meaning and meant to last with other cultures.

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Publishing houses


the partner libraries

Victor-Jara Media Library

Couëron, Loire-Atlantique

A buen paso

Spanish and Catalan publishing house A buen paso has been adopted by the librarians in Couëron. From a social responsability angle, A buen paso considers books and reading as the means to moving forward with confidence and conviction towards others, nature and oneself with the help of pictures and words. The project’s focus will initially be on schools with an offer that includes bilingual storytime sessions, whimsical approaches in the Spanish language and the presence of plastic artist Paul Parant who will whisk students and their imaginary away on a voyage using the works of Isidro Ferrer as a springboard to creating insect-objects. Come March 2023, the media library will be shining the spotlight on Spain, enabling students to reveal their creations to the public.

Tissé Métisse Documentary Resource

Nantes, Loire-Atlantique


The Tissé Métisse Documentary Resource specializes in Social Sciences, and namely immigration and modern-day migration in Nantes and throughout its territory. It also addresses numerous intercultural and linguistic approaches. By becoming part of the greater l’œil du monde family, the Tissé Métisse Documentary Resource is motivated to push this door on the world even further open than it is already, something it does naturally and resolutely. Its partnership with Rwandan publishing house Bakame has given additional latitude to its collections by taking on board a new language coupled with actions providing young readers with the chance to read, hear and experience cultural diversity.

Océan-Marais de Monts Libraries



Grouped together to form an Intercommunal Library Network (ILN), the participating libraries offer a vast selection of documents, as well as a number of services. For each town, they embody the indispensable cultural infrastructures available to residents. The Océan-Marais de Monts Library Network has given éditions Baobab a home, and has several workshops, encounters, storytime sessions and special events on Czech culture programmed for its readership.

Nantes Municipal Library

Nantes, Loire-Atlantique


From September 2022 to May 2023, South Korean publishing house Jaimimage will be center stage
in the eight libraries and media libraries making up the Nantes Municipal Library Network, featuring: text-to-speech and text-to-music album creation, artist-led plastic project workshops and an exhibit lifting the curtain on the making-of Le voyage de Moungchi. In partnership with the Printemps Coréen Festival, an even broader lineup awaits the public aimed at opening its eyes to what South Korea ressembles today.

Nozay Libraries and Media Libraries



Approximately 35 kilometers north of Nantes in the Loire-Atlantique Region, the Nozay Intercommunal Library and Media Library Network spoils the 16,000 residents in its territory with two media libraries, Tournepage in Nozay and Le Château in Saffré, and five local libraries in Abbaretz, La Grigonnais, Puceul, Treffieux and Vay. In addition to the 40,000 documents made available to its readership via a weekly shuttle and online reservation system, the Network is also putting together a mix of animation and mediation activities, featuring a Voyage to the Great North this year with Norwegian publishing house Magikon Forlag!

Reading Room – LU

Nantes, Loire-Atlantique


Right as you walk into Lieu Unique, the Reading Room is a space open to all inviting visitors to thumb through the works that most appeal to them. Books by the thousands (mainly short forms, illustrated works and catalogues), available for on-site consultation, are at the disposal of all, whether Lieu Unique regulars, Lazy Sunday stragglers, passersby or families, just to name a few. Since its inauguration in early 2020, the space was conceived as a breeding ground for trying out new forms of writing and original approaches to reading. With this in mind, the Reading Room offers all a plethora of workshops, storytime sessions and encounters all year long and in conjunction with the exhibits, festivals and performances taking place at Lieu Unique.

Libraries and leisure centres of LBN Community


One stroke

In the Loué-Brûlon-Noyen Federation of Municipalities, the Intercommunal Library of Loué, the Media Library of Noyen-sur-Sarthe and the activity centers of Coulan-sur-Gée, Loué and Noyen-sur-Sarthe have adopted One Stroke, publishing house created by Japanese author Katsumi Komagata. The 2022-2023 year has an enriching program ahead for children via in-school and extracurricular activities, exposing them to Komagata’s signature bewilderment combining paper, shape and color, as well as his palpable sensitivity to nature and all things living. Backed by Sarthe Lecture (department library) and the Sarthe SDJES (Department of Youth, Commitment and Sports), an exhaustive agenda of workshops, encounters and performances has been organized enabling those in attendance to get better acquainted with the work of this author-publisher, and on a broader level, with the arts and culture in Japan.

Craon Territory Libraries and Media Libraries


Petra Ediciones

The Craon Territory Public Library Network (19 libraries) and its three media libraries in Cossé-le-Vivien, Craon and Renazé had a prevailing desire to draw attention to Mexican publishing house Petra Ediciones. The calendar features a highlight in November with exhibits on the publisher, the country and a tattooer resident, tales from Mexico by the Samouraï de Bois theater company and the presence of author-illustrators Ianna Andreadis and Amandine Momenceau in schools (six classes).

Erdre and Gesvres Libraries


Planeta Tangerina

The Erdre and Gesvres Federation of Municipalities and the five libraries of Grandchamp-des-Fontaines, Nort-sur-Erdre, Petit-Mars, Sucé-sur-Erdre and Treillières have adopted Portuguese publisher Planeta Tangerina. Setting the tempo for the 2022-23 season are exhibits, workshops, films, encounters and school group visits with an emphasis on albums and to a greater extent, Portugal. From March 30 to April 2, 2023, the 19th Annual Young Adult Literature Fair, “From One World to Another”, will be rolling out the red carpet for Isabel Minhós Martins and Madalena Matoso from Planeta Tangerina.

Angers Municipal Libraries

Angers, Maine-et-Loire

Tara Books

The Angers Municipal Libraries fell for the handcrafted works from publisher Tara Books. The making-of a fresco, book presentation, storytelling and an afternoon of “Bollywood” screenings were among the delights for those in attendance. After a literally Indian summer showcasing the enigmatic labyrinth that typifies the country and its culture, the Angers Libraries will be continuing their show-and-tell having acquired 110 books in English from the Tara Books publishing house.

Diderot Media Library

Rezé, Loire-Atlantique


The Diderot Media Library is open and free of charge to all ages. Located in the Château neighborhood, it harbors a variety of spaces conducive to reading, hobbies and working. Occupying what was once a church, the refurbished site founded in 1991 boasts a collection of over 100,000 documents. The media library features a regular cultural calendar, and is active on the partnership front, forging ties with non-profits, as well as cultural and social bodies.

Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Fine Arts Library

Nantes, Loire-Atlantique


Nestled one floor up from the ground floor at the School of Fine Arts on the Île de Nantes, this specialized library is open to all. An essential tool for artistic education and cultural dissemination, the library offers one of the largest specialized collections of visual arts in the Pays de la Loire region. It also enjoys a significant number of youth-oriented books and art as part of its Calder Collection, including: illustrated works, book-objects, pop-up books and works on Art Education and History. They are used to complement the different workshops targeting young audiences. The library also belongs to the Artistic and Cultural Department at the School of Fine Arts, which, too, has an extensive creative offer ranging from exhibits and hands-on workshops to events, conferences and an art library.

partner libraries

Saint-Nazaire Media Library

Saint-Nazaire, Loire-Atlantique

All of the project’s publishing houses

The Saint-Nazaire Media Library is a municipal facility situated at the heart of its territory with a media library in its city center, a neighborhood library with a digital space, a book-bus and a beach library. Each year, its readership can expect a bold, culture-infused lineup with all the trimmings aimed at a sweeping spectrum of affinities be they literary, artistic, scientific or recreational. With l’œil du monde, its commitment to interculturality is best seen through the cultural mediation of every publisher’s work and the active role played by residents.