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Be it of an artistic, graphic or literary nature, with a focus on childhood or via a spectrum of languages, diversity is omnipresent. The bridges enabling people and places to connect are countless; for children and their loved ones, a whimsical window like none other giving rise to a plethora of possibilities, the unique chance wherein to forge relationships with meaning and meant to last with other cultures.

Avant-garde graphics in Poland, screen-printed books in India, drawings with vivid flat tints in Rwanda, albums playing on folds and cut-outs in Japan, visual and poetic purity in Mexico, superimpositions of materials in Norway… it’s hard to convey the extreme richness of forms, tones and techniques used by the artists from the twelve publishing houses you’ll find in this exhibition.

Technical information

The exhibition includes 36 HD images from the 12 partner publishing houses, accompanied by 12 publisher labels and a presentation label.

Support: dibond panels with hangers

Dimensions: between 25 cm x 25 cm and 40 cm x 60 cm

Price incl. VAT: €1,500 for rental / €3,500 for sale

Share it!

This padlet is available to book professionals – and in particular to the librarians who came up with the idea – who are involved in l’œil du monde initiatives. This collaborative tool, structured by publishing house, is designed to record past and future actions, ideas, reactions, thoughts and so on. You might find the ideas that some people have already mentioned, such as putting together a trunk with books from the publishing house they have chosen, encouraging correspondence with a class in another country or “exchanging publishers” in pairs. And you might also come up with ideas that you’d never have thought of before!

This information-sharing tool is designed to facilitate the implementation of new actions. If you are involved in a l’œil du monde project, you can contribute to it.

This padlet will remain visible on our website for all to see, and will perhaps inspire other book professionals to embark on this adventure.

Made with Padlet

You too can open the “l’œil du monde” wide!

The aim of L’œil du Monde project is to be reinvested by all those who wish to enhance and promote children’s graphic literature by setting up projects involving small independent creative publishing houses and libraries.

Putting a project inl’oeil du monde means adhering to certain principles and values, focusing on interculturality and accessibility for all, but also opposing the standardisation of books and adopting a playful, open approach to creation.