“Oko na świat, Wytwórnia Publishing House, Warsaw, Poland

Since September 2023, workshops for librarians and children have been held in libraries in the Warsaw region with Polish artist Hanna Zwierzchowska , inspired by Sara Lundberg’s book “The bird that lives inside me flies wherever it wants“.

On March 23 and 24, 2024, the “Mały Koneser” festival of small independent publishers, organized since 2022 by the Wytwórnia publishing house, offers a special Eye of the World edition. This festival creates a stage for small independent Polish publishing houses, a meeting place for ambitious, courageous and sensitive publishers who care about both editorial craftsmanship and the mastery of illustrations and text.

To open the festival, a professional day on March 22 at Warsaw’s National Library will bring together small independent Polish and international publishers, as well as education and culture specialists, to discuss their practices.

Wytwórnia Publishing

From the outset, Wytwórnia’s ambition has been to revive the tradition of excellence in Polish illustration from the 1960s, while bringing innovation and quality to picture books on the Polish market. Keeping its size small out of conviction, Wytwórnia publishes between ten and fifteen titles a year. Contemporary interpretations of classics, collaboration with young, daring graphic designers, social commitment, attention to cultural identity: these are the broad outlines of fifteen years of editorial work. Above all, we see young readers as demanding partners.