Oko na Świat workshops

Since March 2023, the Wytwornia publishing house has been offering a series of workshops in which picture books linked to art, artists and creativity are the starting point for activities.
Each workshop is based on a specific artistic and graphic technique, taken from the picture books presented in the Eye on the World event series: engraving, painting, collage, decoupage, typography, drawing….

The possibilities for exploring the book as an object and entering into its material are therefore manifold.

Workshop with Romana Romanyshyn

On March 19, 2023 at the Mały Koneser festival in Warsaw took place the 1st workshop with 12 participants (families and children) led by Romana Romanyshyn, using her book “From where to where” co-authored with Andriy Lesiv.

Workshop with Sarah Lundberg

Workshop for librarians inspired by the book “This bird that lives inside me flies wherever it wants” by Sarah Lundberg, September 22, 2023 at Warsaw’s main library, Biblioteka Główna Województwa Mazowieckiego, 50 librarians.

Workshop with Ewa Solarz

Workshop “I see everything as art” with Ewa Solarz, December 1, 2023 at the Multimedia Library for Children and Young People in Warsaw, 22 participants from third-grade elementary school pupils.

Workshop with Hanna Zwierzchowska

Workshop “The bird that lives inside me flies where it wants. How to write memories?” with Hanna Zwierzchowska, November 17, 2023 at the Grodzisk Mazowiecki Main Library, Warsaw, 25 participants, third-graders from an elementary school.

Workshop with Hanna Wierzchowska

Workshop “About a painter as red as a brick” with Hanna Wierzchowska November 19, 2023 at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, with 12 participants (families and children)

Workshop with Hanna Zwierzchowska

Workshop “How to explain language” with Hanna Zwierzchowska, December 2, 2023, Art. Warsaw Museum, 12 participants, families with children over 3 years old

Wytwórnia Publishing

From the outset, Wytwórnia’s ambition has been to revive the tradition of excellence in Polish illustration from the 1960s, while bringing innovation and quality to picture books on the Polish market. Keeping its size small out of conviction, Wytwórnia publishes between ten and fifteen titles a year. Contemporary interpretations of classics, collaboration with young, daring graphic designers, social commitment, attention to cultural identity: these are the broad outlines of fifteen years of editorial work. Above all, we see young readers as demanding partners.