Mexico: Special events at the Craon Territory Libraries

The Craon Territory Libraries have adopted Mexican publishing house Petra Ediciones, and have put in place a yearlong series of special cultural events with a focus on Mexico.

Pablito and the Man-Eating Monkeys

Mexican tale by the Samouraï de Bois theater company (Linda Lopez and Erwann Hervé)

Wednesday, November 2 – 6:30 pm (50 min.)

A journey across the desert, just steps from the wall separating Mexico and the United States. A wall the Pablito brothers have climbed. A wall behind which they have been turned into stone statues by man-eating monkeys… But in the land of tales and prickly greens, Pablito’s most loyal allies will be his strength and courage.

Renazé Media Library / All audiences, 8 years and up


Daniela Bravo

From November 9 to 26

Formerly based in Bazouges, tattooer Daniela Bravo uses drawing as a means of conveying her home country. Her graphic tendencies volontarily give way to increasingly floral and fanciful pieces. One-offs for one and for all!

Cossé-le-Vivien Media Library

Octopus and Mexican Culture

From November 4 to 29

Mexican freestyle wrestling or lucha libra and the colorful masks worn by those in the ring along with the Day of the Dead and its calaveras or iconic skulls are on display at the new exhibit proposed by the non-profit, Octopus.